Special Projects

A Call Out for Volunteers to Beautify the Surroundings at Mascoutin Golf Club.


Members know that Mascoutin is noted for its beautiful setting and overall superb condition.  All 27 holes appeal to men, women, and junior golfers and offer equal challenges to the professional or novice.  We feel fortunate to “Play where the championships are played.”

The Ladies Golf League initiated a project in 2015 to rejuvenate the flower beds that surround the clubhouse and other areas on the golf course.  Over a dozen members adopted flower beds and have made significant improvements to many areas on the golf course, but the work is not done.

 If you are interested in helping with this effort there are over 40 flower beds on the property that could use a little TLC.   Members who “adopt” a garden would be volunteering to clean up and maintain their area.  If the labor of “adopting” a flowerbed is not of interest to you, you can still be a part by contributing to a fund that has been established to help in this effort.  The money donated last year went towards storage and power tools for the volunteers to use in the clean-up process. 

The beds range in size from very small to extra-large so we can match you up with your level of commitment.

If you have any interest or would like additional information please contact Gayle Luehr at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 847-533-8177.

No one can do everything but
everyone can do something.

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