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JWPH Golf Academy

Play Better Golf; Have More FUN!finaljwphgolfacademy

Golf is a game, a game that is supposed to be fun!  My goal is to help you have more fun.  Together we will work to improve your game.  I will work with you to develop goals and a practice schedule that will help you reach those goals!  Whether your goal is to win the club championship or to utilize golf as a business tool, I can help.

Learning to play golf is similar to learning to play an instrument, it’s an ongoing process.  It’s also very similar to many other things in life, the more you are able to invest (IE practice) the more you will get in return.  I want to work with you and your schedule to help you improve.

The following are the many options that you have to start down the road to improvement.  Please contact me and we can discuss the best path for you and your game!

Striving to play better,

Jeremiah Hoffmann, PGA

JH Head shot

Teaching Philosophy

It is my goal to make the golf swing as simple as possible. Using simple geometric principles we will work on  improving the motion of your golf swing.  I have had the opportunity to learn about these principles from Manuel de la Torre, one of the world’s best teachers. Together we will make it easier for you to send the ball in the direction of the target!  Come out and see me today!


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